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July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017, 9:51 AM

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will.”  Romans 12:2

     Is it possible to have Christianity without Christ?  Is it possible to gain knowledge about God and His Word without being transformed?  Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, “Christianity without the living Christ is inevitably Christianity without discipleship, and Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ”.  We’ve experienced a major breakdown in America: politically, socially, and morally.  Yet, the greatest breakdown we’ve seen in this nation is the failure of Christians to carry out the Great Commission.  We’ve failed to make disciples for Jesus, and it is literally destroying us from within.

     Are we a discipling church?  If so, is our discipleship transformational?  What if we caught the fire of transformational discipleship?  You see, without Jesus, discipleship is non-transformational because it will leave us in the same spiritual condition.  It is only in and through Jesus that real change takes place in our lives.  Consider the religious leaders of Jesus’ day.  The knowledge and skills they learned had an impact on their lives, but their hearts were not truly transformed.  They ended up leading the people away from God’s grace.  Could we be guilty of doing the same?

     What about our young people today?  You can be assured they are being taught in numerous ways especially by the world.  Through countless marketing schemes, our young people are being targeted daily.  The world is constantly seeking to conform our minds to its ways.  The passage above reminds us that our minds must be renewed by a transformation.  True transformation occurs only when a person has a relationship with God by faith in Jesus.  Anything else will leave you side-tracked, depressed, and constantly seeking something real.  Folks, we have the only real truth.  We must be sharing with others, spending time with them and helping them understand Scripture.  That is discipleship!  Our prayer is that we become focused on the need for discipleship and the command God has given us to … make disciples.

                                                                                                                We love and appreciate all of you,

                                                                                                                Brad and Virginia